Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paper Beads : Float or Sink

When I saw paper beads on Pinterest I knew that I needed to try to make them. This is something that my six year old, AshLynne and I tried out together after stopping by the craft store and purchasing some Mod Podge. (Tip: a little goes a long way, buy the smaller container and save some money!) It comes in a couple different finishes, I went with a glossy finish.

I found that my favorite thing to make the beads out of was junk mail or old magazines that are stuffed in a dusty corner...or if you are a little bit lazy, like I can sometimes be, the Pottery Barn catalog that has been sitting on the counter for months waiting to be looked at makes great beads too. (Tip: Ads in the magazine are thicker, roll better and have a lot more color.) There are different Guidelines you can use when cutting the strips of paper you need to make these, but I just cut mine with a paper slicer and used any shape that was produced. I actually rolled my paper around another paint brush handle and then applied the Mod Podge.

Super easy and can be done even by a six year old! 
She only needed help applying the sealer.

This project FLOATS

The only negative thing I will say is that it is time consuming. Mod Podge dries very quickly, but it takes a while to make enough beads to actually create a piece of jewelry (will post a picture when Ash has made something out of them)

Happy Frugal Crafting!

Click here for directions!

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