Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sock Bun: Sink or Float?

Last night I tried the sock bun that is supposed to leave your hair curly by morning
 without using any products or heat. Who would have though that you could use a sock to create curls?
Here is what the blogger claims it did for her:

I took an old dress sock and cut the toe off. 
(I couldn't find any with holes so I used one that collects lint balls)

Once you have cut the toe off you just roll it up until it looks like a srunchie.

Put your hair in a high pony tail on your head, dampen hair with sprayer
 and then roll according to directions (Video Here)

Here are my results.



I haven't decided whether to Sink or Float this one just yet. I am going to attempt it again, but use a little bit of anti frizz serum and instead of a hair band I am going to use a scrunchie for the high pony. My hair curled but it was not leave the house, without a hat, worthy.

Have you tried this? How did it work for you?

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