Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rice Krispie Snowmen: Float or Sink

I got this idea from a post on Pinterest but her directions were far more complex than I was willing to commit to. I modeled mine after hers, but made them my own. 

"My Inspiration"
I made one batch of Rice Krispies , then rolled them into balls on wax paper. I did not waste any time assembling. I put the head on while they cooled and found that the weight of the head actually made the bottom flat (Instead of having to cut the bottom flat). I'm not really one for time consuming projects to produce a snack so I used frosting in the tube, for easy application, to glue things onto my bodies once they had cooled. I used cookies for the base of the hat and Rolos for the top of the hat. I lined my hats with colored frosting from the tube to hide the gap. The sour licorice strips worked great for the scarves. Chocolate Chips and Red Hots were an easy way to create the buttons, eyes and nose.

I used these for my daughter's "Friend" Gifts for Christmas.
The feedback I got was all positive.
Here is my final product:

Rice Krispies Snowmen : FLOAT!

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